Digging Deeper: “Jonah Is My Middle Name”
Ever leave Sunday morning with questions about the message? This class will dig deeper into February’s message series on how our lives relate to Jonah today… led by Pastor Ethan Maple.

“Calm Parenting” Seminar (Video-Based)

Become a calm, confident parent no matter your season of life. This class offers specific, practical strategies to stop the yelling, defiance, and power struggles… led by Mary Ann Crisman.


“Top 10 Reasons People Need Jesus”

Sometimes people think they need Jesus for all the wrong reasons; this class will focus on the real reasons we need Jesus and what they mean for our lives… led by Carl Fannin.

Facility Projects

Looking for a way to serve and help the church? This “class” will work together in knocking out a few minor projects around our facility, all levels of experience welcome… led by Tim Waymire.