Mt. Comfort Church Annual Membership Renewal

Each year we ask that the members of Mt. Comfort Church renew their commitment to the church.  Not only is this a reminder of the vows they took and the expectations of membership, but it helps keep our records up-to-date.  The membership renewal window this year will be August and September.  Please CLICK HERE to fill out the Membership Renewal Form, each member will need to fill out a form for him/herself.


If you’re not a member, but would like to become one… please CLICK HERE


Membership Expectations


  • Publicly affirm the Apostles’ Creed
  • Embrace the missions of MCC
  • Commit to membership vows
  • Sponsor people for membership
  • Attend annual/called membership meetings
  • Renew membership annually


Membership Vows


GATHER – Will you commit to being present and active in this church as we carry out our God-given mission?

· Hebrews 10:23-25 | Acts 2:42-47
GROW – Will you commit to your continued development as a Christ-Follower by participating in small groups and the disciplines of faith?
· Ephesians 3:14-21 | Philippians 1:6

GIVE – Will you commit to a spirit of generosity, sharing your time, talents, and treasures through our church?

· Luke 6:38 | Malachi 3:10

GO – Will you commit to being a witness of and for the Good News of Jesus Christ in the world?

· Matthew 28:8-20 | Romans 10:14-15